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The Phoenix51 100 Most Influential Talent & HR Professionals 2022

In putting this list together of the 100 Most Influential HR and Talent Professionals in the UK, Phoenix51 sought opinions of a wide variety of people that are prevalent in the space, to ensure we captured as broad a group of talent as possible.

To find the most influential people in talent acquisition and recruitment on LinkedIn we wanted to create a methodology which considered more than just the size and engagement of their following, but also took into consideration, insight and analysis from experts in the sector to ensure diversity within this influential list.

We consulted with industry expert, Kevin Green. Kevin is an experienced HR leader, CPO at FirstGroup PLC, author of best-selling book ‘Competitive People Strategy’, a TEDx speaker and a regular contributor to broadcast and print media on the UK labour market.

“This list highlights the best of the best in HR and Talent attraction, our profession is becoming more critical to business success, but we still lack confidence and self-belief. Anything which highlights the important work of people professionals needs to be supported and encouraged. 2022 is going to be another year of disruption and uncertainty helping both businesses and their people be able to navigate these difficult times will once again call upon our skills, resilience and dedication thanks to Phoenix 51 for promoting the great work of the people profession.”

We also consulted industry expert Louise Triance. Louise is a recruitment industry fixer, host of major recruitment events and creator of the UK Recruiter Knowledge Network. Louise is well connected in the industry, hosting a variety of podcasts about the recruitment and talent space.

“Wow, what a challenge! Picking 100 of the most influential recruitment and TA leaders. Phoenix51 have done a sterling job of showcasing some of the amazing talent in the space; connect with those you can and engage with their online content, check out their podcasts and live event appearances.”

Phoenix51 has searched the Talent & HR recruitment industry far and wide to ensure a comprehensive list of the top 100 influential professionals in the space. These individuals have championed real change for several important topics such as LGBTQIA+ in the workplace, equality, and diversity. Engaging and influencing the industry every day, by writing original content, speaking on podcasts and at professional events, posting frequently and engaging with other professionals about relevant industry topics and challenges on a regular basis.