Assess, Hire, Train, Retain

Phoenix51 has four core features that allow organisations to apply scientific analysis and rigour to their assessment process. Within inbuilt competency framework technology, organisations can video interview, undertake virtual group assessments, develop targeted learning pathways and promote staff according the most applicable skills, behaviours, cultures and values.

Digital Behavioural & Competency Frameworks

Phoenix51 is designed to act as your in-house tool for interviews and assessments. The platform’s competency framework technologies use detailed algorithms to examine your company’s culture, values and skills against tailored interview and assessment pathways. Capable of being used for individual interviews or group assessments, Phoenix51 mitigates against unconscious bias. It helps ensure you make informed, data-led decisions for hiring, promotion or skills analysis.

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Virtual Assessment Centres

As the world moves to increasingly digital or remote models of working, the need to assess and interview remotely has become paramount. Our team of in-house business psychologists have designed assessment pathways that test applicants against relevant job-specific tasks in a remote setting.

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Video Integration

The platform’s advanced video integration tools mean there’s no need to switch between your native video platform and the assessment technology. This creates a consistent assessment experience for the both the individual and assessor. You can also record the assessment or interview for review or moderation at a later date.

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Data Analytics & Reporting Suite

Using advanced data and talent analytics, the platform builds a full profile of each individual - from the pre-screening phase through to assessment and final interviews. This enables organisations to identify candidates’ strengths and weaknesses before taking the decision to hire or promote.

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Organisational Reviews

Using a data-driven digital platform to support the review procedure both enables an organisation to run a smooth process, and limits disruption to employer and employee. Decisions around redundancy and/or redeployment are based on objective observations and feedback on skills, expertise and performance.

Phoenix51 enables the organisational review process to follow a strict and robust methodology, driving correct data-led decisions.

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