Ok, we were only joking about the Holograms.

We think Phoenix51 is still awesome, and we'd love to show you..

Discover how Phoenix51 enables organisations to make data-driven decisions along the employee journey.

Phoenix51 is a state-of-the-art talent assessment platform enabling organisations to make data-driven decisions along the employee journey, from hiring through to benchmarking and development.

Using data driven employee decisions allows you to:

- Hire the best talent

- Increase productivity and retention

- Protect and enhance your brand

- Comply with legislative requirements

- Develop your employees and pursue excellence

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Unstructured interviews and assessments give organisations less than a 50% chance of making the correct hiring decisions. - CIPD

Features Include

Competency analysis

Map our digital competency frameworks against your organisation’s culture, values and skills.

Video Integration

Seamless video integration allows for remote competency-based interviewing and pre-screening.

Psychometric tools

Access to advanced psychometric tools aids in the hiring and development process.

Virtual Assessment Centres

Run group assessments in a virtual environment.