How to run an effective Virtual Assessment Centre – a practical guide from the experts. .

Discover how Phoenix51 enables organisations to make data-driven decisions along the employee journey.

The impact of 2020’s COVID pandemic on working culture cannot be understated. The wholesale switch to remote working has forced businesses to make fundamental changes to their operational procedures. Specifically in the selection and assessment of talent.

This guide is intended to offer useful advice on how to both plan and run a successful Virtual Assessment Centre.

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Unstructured interviews and assessments give organisations less than a 50% chance of making the correct hiring decisions. - CIPD

Features Include

Competency analysis

Map our digital competency frameworks against your organisation’s culture, values and skills.

Video Integration

Seamless video integration allows for remote competency-based interviewing and pre-screening.

Psychometric tools

Access to advanced psychometric tools aids in the hiring and development process.

Virtual Assessment Centres

Run group assessments in a virtual environment.